Remembering Russell Mockridge

Monday, 3 September 2018 - 10:00am to 10:30am

Faith and Val take to the studio on a Monday morning and kick off the show sharing their bike (or bikeless) moments. While waiting for our guest we talk about the end of an era with the retirement of Peter Moore at Abbotsford Cycles, a Melbourne institution. We also touch on the start of the Race to the Rock over the weekend and the progress of riders as the first to complete the Tasmanian section make it to Melbournewith listeners sending through photos of Sarah Hammond at Melbourne Town Hall. 

Our guest this morning, Martin Curtis, arrives just in time to share his passion for the legendary Australian cyclist Russell Mockridge. Martin's book Russell Mockridge The Man In Front  explores not only Mockridge's cycling achievements but the personality and character of the man and his sudden and tragic death. Mockridge's achievements will be remembered on the weekend of September 15th and 16th with a memorial ride and a forum discussion with authors who have contributed to the Mockridge story including Martin Curtis (Russell Mockridge The Man In Front), Ben Schofield (Wheel Life), Daniel Oakman (Oppy), Rod Charles (A Whirr of Many Wheels) and Marcus Arnold (Reginald Arnold Six Day Man). 

You can register here for the Russell Mockridge memorial ride andforumon September 15-16th

Yarra Bicycle Users Group presenters are Chris, Faith, Val and Steve.
Monday 10:00am to 10:30am
Yarra Bicycle Users Group promotes urban cycling. Providing support to campaigns to improve cycling conditions and awareness; demystifies cycling technology and helps to reveal the diversity of cyclists, from children to commuters to lobbyists.


Chris, Faith, Val and Steve