The Trans Am Bike Race and beyond

Monday, 25 July 2016 - 10:00am to 10:30am

Val and Faith are joined in the studio on a bitterly cold Monday morning by Sarah Hammond, Jesse Carlsson and Col Bell. We run through some news from the weekend, including the Tour de France and the Tour de Beechworth, and everyone shares their bike moments.

Jesse fills our listeners in on the Trans Am Bike Race, which he won in 2015. We move on to sarah and her experience racing in 2016 and the purple dot frenzy that she inspired, the highs and lows of endurance events and whether she would do it again. We finish up with Jesse's plans for two events in Australia, the Race to the Rock and the Indian Pacific Wheel Race.  We finish up with a far too short round up of events which should ahve included, a Projector Bike Ride this Friday night, Fields of Joy CX Women's Development Day and Mixed Gender Development Day on Saturday july 30th, and of course the headlining event the Melbourne Grand Prix of Cyclocross on the weekend of August 6 & 7th (National CX Series) including the Lisa Jacobs Farewell Race! 

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