Karrinjarla Muwajarri - Ceasefire

Monday, 27 June 2022 - 8:30am to 9:00am
A banner for the Karrinjarla Muwajarri national day of action on 18th June. The banner has a black background, and from left to right, the banner has the words 'Karrinjarla Muwajarri Ceasefire' in white and red text, a digital line drawing of a gun against a red, yellow and black background with the text 'no police guns', and finally 'national day of action June 18' in white and yellow text.

This week’s episode covers the Yuendumu community-led campaign Karrinjarla Muwajarri - no police guns in remote Aboriginal communities. The campaign emerged in the wake of the 2022 Northern Territory budget announcement re-affirming a government commitment to resourcing police instead of vital community services, and after the acquittal of an NT police officer over the 2019 death of Warlpiri teenager Kumanjayi Walker. The campaign also addresses the need to restore self-determination and self-governance in remote Aboriginal communities on the 15th anniversary of the NT Intervention, which is scheduled to end this year. A national day of action was called on the 18th of June, and today’s show features excerpts from speeches given at the Mparntwe Alice Springs rally by Sabella Turner (Central Arrernte Nation), Valerie Martin (Warlpiri Nation), Barbara Shaw (Arrernte Nation) and Kumalie Riley (Arrernte Nation).

You can read the Karrinjarla Muwajarri statement of demands here. More information about the work of the Intervention Rollback Action Group is available here.

This show was produced in collaboration with Ethyl Ephedrine, slumberkitty and Tin Pickle from the Punk Tree Hour show on 8CCC Community Radio Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Monday 8:30am to 9:00am
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