Archiving the feminist struggle in Algeria

Monday, 12 September 2022 - 8:30am to 9:00am
Image of archival documents and illustrations from feminist organisations and associations in Algeria. The black and white documents are set against a brightly coloured geometric table cloth.

In this episode, we discuss the political importance of archiving the feminist struggle in Algeria. Launched in 2019, Archives des luttes des femmes en Algérie is a collective that provides digital and open access to documents from and by Algerian feminist activists, collectives, and associations since the North African country gained independence in 1962.

Joining us to discuss the importance of archives for activism in Algeria, is researcher and activist Saadia Gacem, who, along with Awel Haouati and Lydia Saïdi, forms part of this collective. Saadia is a PhD candidate in the anthropology of law researching the repressive family code in Algeria.

This interview was conducted in French, and it is voiced over in English by Aminata Diallo.

The audio of the song heard at the end of the episode is from Femmes en Mouvement, a documentary filmed and produced in 1989 by Merzak Allouache. Available on YouTube (in French)

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