Stories from women inside prison

Monday, 14 September 2020 - 8:30am to 9:00am

We hear stories from women inside prison. People in prisons are already experiencing state violence, now during a pandemic where contagion can spread like wildfire in crowded indoor spaces. We hear from Vickie Roach, Yuin writer and activist, about her lived experience inside prison to politics of abolition. Second, we hear from LGBTIQ and disability justice advocate Ashleigh Chapman on her experiences, including being inside during the pandemic.

Vickie's interview originally aired with Marisa Sposora on the Doin' Time show. Ashleigh's experiences were heard at the Abolitionist and Transformative Justice Centre's Stories from Inside Prison webinair.  Also mentioned: National Network of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls.

Monday 8:30am to 9:00am
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