Healthcare Workers Across Victoria Rallying in Geelong, Seismic Blasting in the Otway Basin, TJ Hickey's Death, Camp Sovereignty

Wednesday, 7 February 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
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This Saturday, healthcare workers from across Victoria are rallying in Geelong to protest and demand an end to the genocide in Gaza. Sonia Spoke with Noor Al-Assafi (she/ her) a social worker in mental health, & Jackie Kriz (she/her) a delegate for the Australian Nurses & Midwives Association, on the Geelong Trades Hall exec & works as a mental health nurse with us on the line to discuss the action, welcome.


Louise Morris, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) Oil and Gas Campaign Manager, spoke with Annie McLoughlin of Solidarity Breakfast about the transnational geotechnical company CGG lodgement of plans to conduct seismic blasting in the Otway Basin just kilometres off the coast of the Great Ocean Road and in the calving grounds of the endangered southern right whale. The community objection pharse finishes on 23 February with the AMCS offering submission support. For more info and to use the submission guide, head to



Marisa from the Doing Time show spoke with Cheryl from ISJA Melbourne. Cheryl quoted the words of Warrior Ray Jackson who has since passed away but was a staunch supporter of the Hickey family, who said "Redfern Police continue to refuse to allow the installation of the Commemorative Plaque to be installed at the fenceline where TJ was impaled as a result of his bicycle being rammed by a police vehicle. The police want to see this as an accident. That will never happen". Doing Time is broadcast on 3CR on Mondays at 4pm. We will be talking more about this next Wednesday on the anniversary of TJ Hickey's death.


Sonia Spoke with Kieran Stewart-Assheton, national president of the Black People’s Union. Kieran talked about Camp Sovereignty. 





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