Gambling Addiction on Social Media, Aftermath of Maribyrnong Floods, Decriminalisation of Drug Possession in ACT, Disconnect (Ways to stop push to extremes online)

Wednesday, 2 November 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Disconnect- Why we get pushed to extremes online & how to stop it

Claudia took over to introduce Living Free's Bill Pitt interview with Ange, speaking about her personal experience living with gambling addiction, in this case, social media gaming.


Judith speaks with Mark Taylor, Chief Environmental Scientist at Environment Protection Authority (EPA) & Honorary Professor of Environmental Science at Macquarie University, discussing what's in the mud after the Maribyrnong floods. See Marks paper What's in the mud? Flood victims' fears eased by early test results HERE.


Judith speaks with Greg Denham, cohealth community partnership facilitator for the City Streets Health Program (CBD-based) discussing the decriminalisation of drug possession in the ACT and the new Yarra Sobering up Service run by Cohealth.

For support, you can refer to cohealth Sobering Up Service OR call 9448 5845.


Grace speaks with Jordan Guiao (@jordanguiao), former digital strategist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and head of social media for the Special Broadcasting Service, discussing his newest book, "Disconnect (Why do we get pushed to extremes online & how to stop it)" dwelling on why we get pushed to extremes online facing conspiracy theories or selfie-obsessed narcissits that clutter our social media feeds, & how to stop this.

The book is now available for purchase across all platforms! Head HERE to get a copy.
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