Australian Assange Campaign, Red Books Day, Rally Magazine & invisible disabilities, Tarek Younis (Yeah-Nah-Pasaran)

Wednesday, 21 February 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
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Greg Barns SC, lawyer advising the Australian Assange campaign: Sonia spoke with Greg about the High Court hearing in the UK, the impact on media freedom and the vigil for Julian Assange happening in Melbourne


Red Books day: Grace & Sonia read a few excerpts from Marx, and discussed them.


Rally Magazine & invisible disabilities: Grace spoke with Ange & Baya about a new magazine on a mission to expand empathy and create a space for social change.


Tarek Younis, Yeah-Nah-Pasaran: Cam & Andy interview Tarek Younis on on the impact of culture, religion, globalisation and security policies on mental health intervention.



Rossa Palestina by Pino Daniele

Door Haton Aye Duniyawaalon, Hindustan Humaara Hai an Indian Independence protest anthem from 1943

Where are the Millions  by Julia Boutros

Order by Jaala