Media reporting of Ukraine-Russia border conflict, financial risk in multi-level marketing, AI language tool to improve equal access to legal services, "Take your shot" First Nations vaccination campaign

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am


7.00am Acknowledgement of Country


7.07am  We take a look at the way the media is reporting on the crisis at the Ukraine-Russia border. Jacques Boulet and Jennifer Borrell from 3CR’s Think Again programme whether the hype and rhetoric about the tensions on the border is part of an information war led by western leaders, particularly by the US and NATO. This segment was recorded before Russia's dispatch of troops to the Ukraine regions of Donestsk and Luhansk and provides an alternative view of the state of affairs. Presented in two parts.


7.35am Ella speaks with Deanna Grant-Smith about multi level marketing and the financial risks associated. Deanna is an Associate Professor, Queensland Univertsity of Technology (QUT) and Deputy Director of the QUT Centre for Decent Work and Industry.


7.53am Claudia speaks with Roj Amedi from Justice Connect, a charity assisting people in need access legal help. The organisation is calling for contributors to a language data base reflecting the speech patterns and language use of everyday people describing their legal problems. The data will be used to upgrade the organisation’s digital services and connect more people to free legal help.



8.13 Alice speaks to Karinda Taylor CEO of the Aboriginal controlled health service named “First People’s Health and Well-being” about the Take Your Shot campaign, which focuses on spreading health information to Indigenous communities around Australia, and looks to tackle the lagging vaccination rates of Indigenous communities.




Hula Rock - Lew Howard and the All Stars

Normalizo - Letta Mbulu

Vacuum - Gang Gang Dance

Waitin on Ya - Genesis Owusu