Fires Blazing, Refugees in Indonesia, Anti-Trolling, An Education in Menstrual Cycles and Campaigning for the Tarkine in Tasmania

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Hosted by Eiddwen, Rob and Jess  || 3CR is proud to acknowledge the Kulin Nations as true owners and custodians of the lands from which we broadcast. We pay respect to their elders past and present and acknowledge that their sovereignty was never ceded and a treaty has yet to be signed ||

[21:22] There's been a lot of reportage around the catastrophically large scale of fires burning in the Amazon in both Brazil and Bolivia. With 90,000 fires raging and smoke plumes you can see from space we explore the deeper political context to these fires, why they were lit and whose interests they serve. Fernanda Santos is a Brazilian activist and organiser who speaks to us about the social and political realities in Brazil that allowed the Amazon fires to happen. 

[32:03] JN Joniad is a community organizer and refugee from Burma, one of many refugees and asylum seekers trapped in Indonesia with no work rights, no freedom of movement and dwindling hopes of resettlement. The last few weeks have seen a resurgence of refugees raising their voices against the punitive Australian law refusing resettlement of recognized refugees if they registered in indonesia after 2014. JN Joniad speaks to us about the current situation in Indonesia. 

[50:00] Fiona Patten from the Reason Party comes onto the show to chat with us about the anti-trolling bill that she and her party have recently introduced. We talk to Fiona about what trolling is on the internet and why it's such an important issue to address. Fiona discusses the debate around harrassment and bullying via the internet and how she and her party are working to overcome it. Head to to find out more. 

[65:32] Menstruation frustration? Freya talks to us about menstruation cycles and period positivity while growing up and leading productive adult lives in accordance to our cycles. Freya is running an upcoming workshop called Period Witches this Sunday for individuals between 16-18 going into exams with their period. The event will be held at Siteworks in Brunswick this Sunday, book tickets at 

[79:08] Brittons Timber has recently acquired the Speciality Veneers Somerset Mill in Tasmania. Brittons acquiring this mill means that they will continue to gain tax-payers money towards the logging and destruction of Tasmania's Rainforests. Scott Jordan from The Bob Brown Foundation speaks to us about campaigning to protect and list the Tarkine Region as a World Heritage Listed Site by 2020 and how continual corporate ownership in the Tarkine Region is affecting Tasmania. To find out more, head to  


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