Visioning Justice

Visioning Justice is a vibrant collection of short radio documentaries made by young people about a range of experiences with the law. A partnership between Springvale Monash Legal Service and 3CR Community Radio and funded through the Legal Services Board Grants Program, the project aims to get young people's stories onto the air-waves.


Visioning Justice Team

About Visioning Justice

Increasing numbers of young people from diverse backgrounds are coming into contact with the criminal justice system in MelbourneVisioning Justice is a vibrant collection of short radio documentaries made by young people about a range of experiences with the law. A partnership between Springvale Monash Legal Service and 3CR Community Radio and funded through the Legal Services Board Grants Program, the project aims to get young people’s stories onto the air-waves. 

Indigenous People and the Australian Justice System 

by Luad (pictured)
Up and coming Public Relations student Luad, takes a look at the justice systems impacts on Australia's Indigenous communities. Through an interview with long time Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe, Luad gains insight into a community that is often spoken about but rarely listened to and discusses some of the work that has occurred around Aboriginal deaths in custody.
Listen now (3.9MB/8:22mins) 

Temar and Bec
The Sudanese community and Melbourne's Media 

by Temar and Bec (pictured)
Bec and Temar take a look at recent media representations of the Sudanese community in Melbourne and discuss the impacts of these representations and their ideas for how to respond to some of the negative representations.
Listen now (2.5MB/5:16mins) 

Views of the justice system - falling in love with the law

by Hannah (pictured)
Hannah is a young Arts student who fell in love with the law at a young age because to her it was the epitome of justice, equality and good. Hannah begins to analyse the relationship between these key principles and the law and realises it might not be the perfect relationship after all.
Listen now (1.5MB/3:15mins)

Journey through the justice system

by Daniel (pictured)
Daniels' story takes the listener on a journey through the development of a young African-Australian who explores the role of the justice system and reality that he experiences. The journey begins with him at a young age right through to his early twenties with him reflecting on the role of the justice system in society.
Listen now (3.1MB/6:39mins)

Young people and the police

by Nancy (pictured) 
Young criminal justice student and vocalist Nancy explores the relationship between young people and the police through a series of interviews with young people who have experienced policing. The listener is taken into the harsh realities of some young people although it may seem like the stories are out of a Hollywood movie. 
Listen now (2.7MB/5:44mins)

Youth Power

by Luka (pictured
Passionate young artist Luka takes us on a personal journey through his dreams and hopes and critiques racial profiling in Melbourne. Luka discusses the role that government and advocacy bodies have played in addressing the issue and urges systemic responses that promote unity and resilience.
Listen now (2.9MB/6:16mins) 

Youth 'gangs' the media and Victoria Police

by Temar (pictured)
Temar interviews Sudanese community worker Galuk, and police officer James to present their views on policing culture and it's impacts on young African communities. Young people hanging out in groups and poor media representations are just some of the hot topics discussed.
Listen now (5.3MB/11:33mins) 

Daniel in studio
Black Face White Mask

by Daniel (pictured in the 3CR studio)
Daniel provides context to the issues of settlement, justice and belonging. Issues that are usually rushed past without exploration or consultation with those who are struggling to navigate Australian systems. Daniel explores his personal journey and the role the justice system has played in it, circumstances that not only ring true for himself but most of the African-Australian community. 
Listen now (4.5MB/9:48mins)