It's Not the Money (or Wages!) Honey, with Darren Quinn

Friday, 25 February 2022 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Inflation & Spending with Darren Quinn

Taking their cue from a blogpost by Professor Bill Mitchell, Anne & Kev dig into the current debate over wage rises and inflation.

Then, Anne speaks with Darren Quinn, who came to macroeconomics as a lay person, and has spent many years on social media educating Australians about how their economy works. Anne & Darren chat about the misunderstandings that often arise for people who are new to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Refine your grasp on economics, and find out why you might be mistaken to think:

  • Since the federal government has no fiscal constraints, we should just "print money".
  • Taxing prevents inflation, so we can just start taxing if we see inflation taking off.
  • MMT shows that currency is a coercive institution, so we should get rid of money altogether.
  • MMT is just Keyensian economics with a job guarantee.

And the meme about inflation (that probably wont take off): It's not the money, honey. It's the supplies, guys.


Show Notes

Bill's blogpost:

Australia – workers endure on-going real wage cuts as corporate profits soar

Websites Darren mentioned:

Modern Money – Macroeconomics by Darren Quinn

Bill Mitchell - Modern Monetary Theory

Real Progressives

Modern Money Network (MMN)

Modern Money Network (MMN) Youtube


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Friday 5:30pm to 6:30pm
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