Regional print media in crisis
Rebecca Maes, Brett Edgington, Scott Collom
Jeremy Forbes - HALT
Annie McLoughlin, Erin Delahunty, Jeremy Forbes
Living Incomes For Everyone (LIFE) banner
Tilde Joy (Producer) - Tim Kennedy (UWU Secretary) - Katie, Alma and Liam (NTEU Fightback) - Mark Seymour (outro music)
Annie McLoughlin, Michele O"Neil
Gippsland Trades and Labour Council
15 Jul 2020
Rebecca Maes, Kacie Duncan, Dave Fox
Police protect site where CFMEU officials bashed - allegedly 1-7-2020
Annie McLoughlin, Kristin O Connell, Gorrilla, Warren, Campo
Rebecca Maes
Protesters face off against the police line at the Kangaroo Point blockade
Tilde Joy (Producer) - Rose (CUDL) - Toby, Lily (RAFFWU) & Evan (May 1 Movement), Natalie (Refugee Solidarity Brisbane)
17 Jun 2020
Annie McLoughlin Adam Bandt
Meanjin BLM Rally
10 Jun 2020
Rebecca Maes, Earthworker