Stop the Ports Rallies

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 - 8:30am to 9:00am
Stop the Ports, Melb 25-05-2024

Today we go down to one of the Stop the Ports Rallies held across the country by Unionists for Palestine to highlight the need for Australia to cease aiding and abetting the war on Palestine. In Melbourne thousands covered first at Station Pier then Sandridge Beach in a community gathering emphasising that Unions are not just institutions but made up of the sum total of the individuals that are members. Running underneath the surface of this show of solidarity was the awareness that in NSW members of unions and peace activists are facing criminal proceedings under new draconian anti-protest laws in that state for protesting at Port Botany earlier in the year.


Wednesday 8:30am to 9:00am
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Annie McLoughlin, James Brennan, Jiselle Hanna