Ray Liversidge on flash fiction, poetry and inspiration

Thursday, 28 March 2024 - 9:00am to 9:30am
Portrait of Ray Liversidge

Ray Liversidge’s latest book is …of a sudden published in 2023 by Ginninderra Press. His other books are: Oradour-sur-Glane published in 2017 by Littlefox Press. A French/English version of the book was published in 2019. no suspicious circumstances: portraits of poets (dead); The Barrier Range; The Divorce Papers; and Obeying the Call. He also appeared with two other poets in the first issue of Triptych Poets. His verse novel The Barrier Range was adapted for stage and performed as Seeking Fabled Waters at the 2010 Melbourne Writers Festival. In that year he also won the Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize and was recommended in the Rosemary Dobson Prize. His poetry has appeared in over 100 journals and anthologies in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Spain. See www.poetray.wordpress.com


His latest collection, of a sudden, can be purchased here: https://www.ginninderrapress.com.au/store.php?product/page/2829/Ray+Live...


Production and Interview: Dr Tina Giannoukos

Thursday 9:00am to 9:30am
A program dedicated to the eclectic world of poetry and performance. Guests are contemporary poets who read and discuss their works.


Di Cousens, Tina Giannoukos, and Waffle IronGirl