Sydney 27th Jan Pro Palestinian Rally: Dr. Sarah Abdo II Otway Basin Seismic Blasting Update II Indigenous & European Divide : Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheenner II Killing for Country II Poverty & the Albanese Government II

Saturday, 3 February 2024 - 7:30am to 9:00am
Otway Basin Seismic Blasting Threat

Sydney Pro Palestinian Rally 27th Jan: Dr Sarah Abdo here II Dr Sarah Abdo a specialist doctor and left us with this quote" I grieve for this world that used to sing about humanity and human rights. I cannot believe that we are living in the twenty first century."
Recorded by Vivien Langford from the 3cr programme Climate Action Show.

Otway Basin Seismic Blasting Update here II Louise Morris, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) Oil and Gas Campaign Manager, alerts us to the transnational geotechnical company CGG lodgement of plans to conduct seismic blasting in the Otway Basin just kilometres off the coast of the Great Ocean Road and in the calving grounds of the endangered southern right whale. The community objection pharse finishes on 23 February with the AMCS offering submission support.

Indigenous & European Divide : Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheenner here II Melb City Councillor Olivia Ball speaking at the 182 memorial at the death of the two freedom fighters.

Killing for Country here II  a very small piece from the Australia Institute Biggest Book club featuring David Marr (the whole lot will be part of a podcast put out by Australia Institute). His new book explores the involvement of people five generations ago in his family who were part of the Native Police & took part in the Queensland Frontier Wars.

Poverty & the Albanese Goverment here II Kristin O'Connell from the Anti Poverty Centre on the cost of living/ stage 3 tax cuts and the Albanese Government