Rihab Charida @ Sydney Palestinian Rally Feb 11 II Victorian Mosque Open Day II The Count's Jazz club II This is the Week that Was II Techno Park Update

Saturday, 17 February 2024 - 7:30am to 9:00am
Techno Park Residents

Rihab Charida @ Sydney Palestinian Rally Feb 11 here II Palestinian/ Australian filmmaker Rihab Charida recorded at Sydney Rally for Palestine 11 Feb thanks to the intrepid 3cr reporter Vivien Langford from the Climate Action Show.

Victorian Mosque Open Day here II Dr Mohamed Mohideen, founder of the Victorian Mosque Open Day, talks to us about this year's open day which will see 37 Mosques, including 7 regional centres, opening their doors on the 25th of Feb.

The Count's Jazz club here II Chelsea Wilson tells us about the newest Jazz Club in the South East of the City The Count's Jazz club & in particular the Intimate & Live performances which start on 24th Feb with Kaiit.

This is the Week that Was here II Kevin Healy is BACK!!! with his usual, incisive dissecting of the week with satire.

Techno Park Update here II Resident Lara Week goes through the new break-through that looks like saving the Techno Park homes.