Pro Palestinian Voices @ Sydney Nov 18th II Respect Rally II Preston Market Up-date II This is the Week II Boris Frankel Memoir II

Saturday, 25 November 2023 - 7:30am to 9:00am
A sea of orange hats for the Respect Rally Melb, 24-11-2023

Pro Palestinian Voices @ Sydney Nov 18th here II Recorded by Vivien Langford we hear from Asala Aseyera, Ran from Collective Against Racism, and Greens Senator David Shoebridge

Respect Rally here II Melbourne Parliament steps on Friday 24th November Respect rally began the first local event marking the beginning of 16 days of action, globally, calling for violence against girls & women to be ended. We hear from Antionette Braybrook here & Jo Ball here.

Preston Market Up-date here II Connor Flynn comes into the studio to update us on developments in Save Preston Market Campaign. Stall holders have been offered new 5 year leases.

This is the Week here II Kevin Healy lets loose on the week with satire.

Boris Frankel Memoir No Country for Idealists here II Boris Frankel talks to us about his book No Country for Idealists : the making of a family of 'subversives' a dramatic account of the making of a family of 'subversives' in Australia and the USSR during the Cold War. It also captures the texture of everyday life in Australia and Russia, with humour and insight. Launch Tuesday 28th Nov, Readings St Kilda 6.15.