Fight for FOI II Free Julian Assange II No to AUKUS II Pro Trans, Anti Fascist Rally

Saturday, 25 March 2023 - 7:30am to 9:00am

Fight for FOI here II We go outside the Federal Court, corner of William and La Trobe on Monday morning where former Senator Rex Patrick and Isabelle Reinecke, Executive Director, Grata Fund were about to step in to court to argue that under Australian law, public decision-makers like the Information Commissioner are required to act without unreasonable delay.

Free Julian Assange here II 

We go to Saturday's rally to raise awareness that Julian Assange is a political prisoner and needs to be brought home. First we hear from 

hear from Dean Yates the man who was the bureau chief for Reuters when the US Apache murdered 12 men two of his people depicted in the Collateral damage video that has been used to keep Julian Assange in maximum security prison. We will also hear some words from David McBridie the army whistle blower who blew the lid on unlawful killing of Afghan prisoners by Australian personnel.

No to AUKUS here II 

A rally against the move to a nuclear Australia, and war with China at the US behest was held outside the State Library on Saturday. First we hear from David Sweeney from ICAN the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weaponswho mced the event, Dr Margret Beavis from the Medical Associationfor Preventionof War, John Landis former diplomat and Kevin Bracken former MUA State Secretary. 

Pro-Trans, Anti Fascist Rally here II British anti-transgender rights activist Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker outside Parliment where her Nazi supporters were confronted by angry and determined supporters of trans rights.