Eduard Said Memorial Lecture II Grounded Affordable Housing II This is the week II Svitzer II The Aged Pension : What's Going On

Saturday, 19 November 2022 - 7:30am to 9:00am
Grounded Community Land Trust Advocacy Launch

Eduard Said Memorial Lecture here II Dr Yara Hawari talks to us from the occupied territories about the common fight against injustice and fascism.

Grounded Affordable Housing here II We talk with Karl Fitzgerald about theĀ Grounded Community Land Trust Advocacy Launch on Nov 22 at the Queen Victoria Women's Centre in La Trobe St Melbourne. It's all about affordable housing.

This is the week here II Kevin Healy reveals the week with satire.

Svitzer here II Dave Ball, Assistant Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia Vic branch, talks about Svitzer and why they are a threat to Australian economic security.

The Aged Pension : What's Going On here II Vera Considine, Secretary of Fair Go For Pensioners, dissects the Aged Pension to show why pensioners are being banished to poverty and what can be done about it.