Flemington Flats residents II Voices from the the NT intervention II East Gippsland report IIJulian Assange turns 49 in prison II Aust US deputy sherrif why?

Saturday, 11 July 2020 - 7:30am to 9:00am
American ownership in Australia

- Flemington Flats residents speak out about the  hard lock down without notice placed on their homes and themselves. block who spoke up on zoom arranged by the Victorian Socialist this week.

-Today we hear a message from people in the Northern Territory on the 13 anniversary of the Northern Territory intervention.

- 7th despatch from East Gippsland.

- Jacob Grech from 3cr's A Friday Rave has a word outside the American Consulate here in Melbourne on Julian Assange's 49th birthday lest we forget.

- Kevin Healy rounds up the week with This is the Week

- we finish up with a sobering word from Clinton Fernandez who was part of the Spirit of Eureka webinaire investigating Australian dependence on America especially with the increase in sabre rattling in relation to China.