Hacyon Daze E7

Monday, 9 October 2023 - 11:00pm to 11:59pm
Halcyon Daze Episode 7 promotional tile

We know that end-times despair is far from a new experience. In this episode of Halycon Daze, we trace a thread through the last forty years, one that weaves through the fringe and sometimes into the centre of pop culture – that says ‘we’re afraid’, ‘we’re getting it wrong’ and ‘things must change’. Featuring music and words that have forefronted the threat of ecological collapse, defying ceaseless efforts by oil bosses and their buddies to keep it in the background.

Come as you are, let's resonate.

Monday 11:00pm to 12:00am
DIY and autonomous politics, music and subculture with a different focus each week.


Tessa, Heikal, Racerage, Izzy, La, Ani, Anne-lise & Rose.