Sally Goldner presents a tribute to Broderick Smith

Sunday, 23 July 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Portrait of musician Broderick Smith at The Bridge Hotel. Photo by Liz Martin.

Following on from John A Tait’s tribute on 14th May, Sally Goldner (Out of the Pan) presents a selection of more of the amazing music and songs of Australian legend Broderick Smith.

Songs featured:

  • Come on Down (1974)
  • Aaron (1974)
  • Shine a Light (1977)
  • I Never Seem to Get Through (1979)
  • So Long for So Little (1992)
  • Try Anyway (2010)
  • Walking Boss (1986)
  • The Devil Drives (1981)
  • She Kissed (1984)
  • Worst Gang in the World (1995)
  • The Tower of Song (1996)


Photograph of Broderick Smith taken at the Bridge hotel on a Sunday afternoon, by Liz Martin.

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