Refugee Radio - Interview with Mohammad Mousavi Medivac refugee and a Speech from Free West Papua - No Victims Climate Warriors

Sunday, 12 December 2021 - 10:00am to 10:30am

We listen to a recording about the Medivac Refugees from the Disability day prodcast. 

"Presented by Bridget McArthur, Akii Ngo & Marijo Pozega (Chronically Chilled)
A deep-dive on the disability cycle created and perpetuated by Australia’s detainment approach to asylum seekers, with a focus on the Medevac refugees, who sought nothing but medical attention and safety but were instead met with imprisonment. 3CR's Chronically Chilled team speaks with Mohammad Mousavi, currently being held in Park Hotel, on his experiences of disability and mental health in detention,"


We also listen to part of a speech from "Free West Papua - No Victims Climate Warriors  here II Raki Apu, West Papuan freedom fighter, outlines the case for indigenous peoples to be the protectors of the planet in this climate emergence at the People's Health Hearings(link is external) as part of the COP26 People's Summit." You can listen to the full speech  on