#007 The Economic Ideas That Destroy Lives

Friday, 26 May 2023 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Bill Mitchell: using the "debt cover" to keep people in poverty

The ideas that come out of the mouths of past and present federal treasurers. The ideas that saturate the media, and hinder our ability to demand positive change. Anne & Kev deconstruct some typical mainstream conversations, so you too can recognise dangerous misinformation when you hear it.


The ideas that perpetuate a dysfunctional economy. An economy that deliberately keeps hundreds of thousands out of work and in poverty, burdens students with debt, does not take adequate care of the disabled and elderly, and trashes the environment. Change begins with liberating ourselves from false economic ideas.


Meanwhile, in episode #6 of Letter From the Cape, economist Bill Mitchell reveals that everything we thought about the national government debt is wrong, including that it is not a debt!


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Letter from The Cape Podcast



Between The Lines, ABC RN


Do we need ‘big’ government?


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