#005 Anne & Kev: Death, Taxes, and Profits

Friday, 28 April 2023 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
#005 RadioMMT: Death, Taxes, and Profits

If the taxes we pay to the federal government don't fund federal government spending, then why do we need to pay taxes?


If the government's "debt" is actually the government's fiscal injection into the economy, then what would happen if we "paid back the debt"?


And where do private sector profits come from?


Kev puts it all together in his "economic theory of everything". Only to discover someone else got there first.


Meanwhile, in episode #4 of Letter From the Cape, economist Bill Mitchell reveals the true nature of taxes.


Show Notes

Kalecki and Kaleckian Economics
Understanding the Economics of Michal Kalecki and His Legacy after 50 Years
By: Louis-Philippe Rochon (Editor), Marcin Czachor (Editor), Gracjan Robert Bachurewicz (Editor)


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