Robert Wolfgramm

Wednesday, 6 September 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Robert stands in the 3CR studio with his red and black check shirt looking at the viewer. Behind him hangs the 2023 3CR Radiothon poster in all its technicolour glory

We are all phantoms. So introduces us to this week's very interesting guest, Robert Wolfgramm. Robert has done nearly everything you can pack into doing with a life: from lecturing in philosophical anthropology and sociology, to running a newspaper in Fiji during the military coup in the 00's. Robert has an interesting family background and was born in the 'village in the clouds' in Fiji before coming to Australia at age 11 when his world changed as he opened up to classical music and a bigger cosmos. It was broken down in a truck in Young NSW that changed Robert's life trajectory through a book that turned him onto sociology. He went on to lecture for 24 years. Robert says he has been blessed with meeting good people in his life, people that gave him a break. He's a pretty good bloke himself and sports a most majestic white beard. Robert will be giving a presentation at the West Papua Office in Docklands on Sunday September 17 on what the Pacific needs to do in relation to West Papua. Thank-you for joining us this week. Robert.

Robert and Joe compete for the best white beard in studio 1 at 3CR. Rober wins hands down.

Radical Australia presenter Joe Toscano with producer Kelly Whitworth.
Wednesday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Joe Toscano and Kelly Whitworth