Health access for trans and gender diverse folks

Friday, 26 July 2019 - 4:56pm
Asiel Adan Sanchez on QR Code

In Episode 4 of QR CodeAnya Saravanan discusses what access for health care for trans and gender diverse folks looks like.

Anya speaks with a human rights advocate, and researcher whose work centers around building safer and fairer societies, and gendered harm and sexual assault prevention, access to justice, and disability and LGBTIAQ+ rights; and Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez, a non-binary doctor, writer, LGBTIQ health advocate, and Department of Health LGBTI Working Group member, their work explores the intricacies of race, culture, gender, and sexuality. 


This episode contains an excerpt from 'I don't know how emotions work', a written work by Fury, and 'Big Art Museum', a track by June Jones.


Content warning: This episode contains descriptions or discussions of mental health, transphobia, medicalised bodies, and queerphobia, that may be distressing to some listeners. If you need assistance, please contact Lifeline, Switchboard Victoria, or your state-based service.


QR Code
An LGBTIQA+ health podcast series unpacking diverse and intersectional queer topics


Anya Saravanan, George Maxwell, James McKenzie, and Michele Vescio.