Health access for trans and gender diverse folks

Friday, 26 July 2019 - 4:56pm
Asiel Adan Sanchez on QR Code

In Episode 4 of QR Code Anya Saravanan discusses what access for health care for trans and gender diverse folks looks like. Guests on today's show are Hemei / Jordan Fong, a human rights advocate and researcher. Her work has centered around building safer and fairer societies. Since 2016, she’s worked on gendered harm and sexual assault prevention, access to justice, and disability and LGBTIAQ+ rights. And Asiel Adan Sanchez, a non-binary doctor, writer and advocate. Born and raised in Mexico, their work explores the intricacies of race, culture, gender and sexuality. Asiel’s writing has appeared in Archer Magazine, Voiceworks Magazine, Rabbit Poetry Journal and The Age. Asiel is a passionate advocate for LGBTIQ health whose work has been profiled at multiple medical congresses, conferences and lectures. They work for the Department of Health LGBTI Working Group, Minus18 Board of Directors, Monash School of Medicine and Deakin School of Medicine. They are currently completing their speciality in General Practice in Melbourne’s West.

An LGBTIQA+ health podcast series unpacking diverse and intersectional queer topics