And This One's Introduced By... Link McLennan introducing tracks from the Bagful Of Beez album Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beatles?

Thursday, 11 November 2021 - 11:30pm to Friday, 12 November 2021 - 12:30am

Link Mclennan has spent the last 30+ years writing for and singing in a wide variety of bands encompassing various musical styles including punk rock, psychedelic pop, eclectic garage, & heavy 60s/70s flavoured rock in bands The Meanies , The Tomorrow People, The Bakelite Age and Sun God Replica.

Bagful of Beez is his new 60's 70s Funk, Soul, rock project with several singles and an album entitled Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beatles? on Cheersquad Records and Tapes.

Bagful of Beez music is a brilliant and eclectic mix of classic pop styles, and the result is the sort of everything-including-the-kitchen-sink approach that studio-enamored pop savants have been known to take ever since Todd Rundgren recorded “A Wizard, A True Star” and aficionados will totally get the psychotic humour of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beatles?

Link say's these words about the album,  “I have a strange feeling that the creation of my debut Bagful of Beez album was like feeding all the music of my past bands to an Asian palm civet (a weird cat/raccoon type creature), but instead of it shitting out an expensive coffee, it defecated a bunch of songs that are unique, exciting and cohesive. I've never felt so confident about a collection of my songs being so fully realised, and it leaves me with a powerful desire to keep creating and evolving within the wide parameters of Bagful of Beez. With the recent addition of Matthew Cotter (Even) on drums, it all feels perfectly satisfying.” 

- Link McLennan 

Tune in on Thursday 11November at 11.30pm for "And This One's Introduced By..." presented by Paul Elliott in conversation with Link McLennan who'll introduce the tracks from the album Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beatles? by The Bagful Of Beez  

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Thursday 11:30pm to 12:30am
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