Sound on for Palestinian Solidarity

Saturday, 15 June 2024 - 9:30am to 10:00am
3CR's annual Radiothon | Artwork by Aretha Brown

Nasser, Robert, Yousef, and Jiselle discuss the importance of community engagement and some of the program's history during 3CR's annual Radiothon, in support of this year’s theme - Sound on for Solidarity. Palestine Remembered has been on-air for 20 years, presented originally by Yousef, and later with Robert and Nasser, and has provided an integral platform for Palestinian voices, news, and commentaries. Donate online now.


'In the Presence of Absence'Tarab Ensemble, Melbourne Recital Centre, Sat 6 July. More info.

'Understanding Palestine' series, presented by Yousef Alreemawi, every second Sun, Black Spark Cultural Centre. Register via averroes.project@gmail.comMore info.

Free Palestine Melbourne rally, State Library Victoria, Sundays 12pm.

Updated info on upcoming events and actions via APAN and Free Palestine Melbourne.

Daily broadcast updates via Let's Talk Palestine.

Read The Frequency of Resistance by Mercedes Zanker via 3CR's CRAM Guide 2024 here

Artwork by Aretha Brown.