Reflections since October 7

Saturday, 16 December 2023 - 9:30am to 10:00am
Stand with Palestine Narrm-melbourne

On his last show for 2023, Nasser reflects on events that have occured since 7 October 2023 - the Palestinian struggle for liberation and of resistance to Israel's apartheid state - as the 'digital genocide' continues unabated during Gaza '23.

Nasser also reflects on the mobilisation of the movement in so-called Australia and the outpouring of support for Palestinian human rights. The program concludes with a reading by Nasser of the last poem written by author and educator Dr Rafat Al-Ar'ir entitled 'If I Must Die'.

Nasser will return for his first show in 2024 on Sat 3 Feb 2024.


Free Palestine Melbourne rally every Sunday 12pm at State Library Victoria. More info.

The Sit-Intifada at Parliament of Victoria, every day 9am - 9pm.

Free Palestine petition via, sign here.

Take action and contact your MP. More info via

'We Are All Palestinian' performed by Mistahi.