Our mural's new work comments on invasion

Corey Green's artwork on the 3CR sidewall

Artist and Earth Matters producer, Corey Green has made a recent addition to our sidewall mural. Corey has spent many an hour in deep discussion in our courtyard with 3CR's Aboriginal programmers and consulted Fire First's Robbie Thorpe on the concept and design.  

Corey explains: "It's a re-imagining of the Australian crest to better represent white invasion. The cane toad, lantana and morning glory are all invasive species that have wreaked havoc on the landscape. They come in, take all the resources and kill everything else. So on the one hand it's about the literal effects on the natural habitat of invasion and it also represents the ongoing invasion in a wider sense". 

Tune in across the week to hear regular in depth discussion, debate and comment on invasion, colonisation and the struggle for sovereignty.

The Black Block, Mondays 11am, presented by Viv Malo.

Koori Survival Show, Tuesdays 10am, presented by Johnny Mac.

Fire First, Wednesdays 11am, presented by Robbie Thorpe.

Precious Memories, Wednesdays 12noon, presented by Gilla McGuinness.

Corzza's Deadly Lifestyle Show, Thursdays 2pm, presented by Corey Fry.

Blak 'n' Deadly Fridays 11am, presented by Robbie Thorpe.