"I just can't hide it" - Disability Day on 3CR

On Friday 3 December eight young women with disability will take to the airwaves to explore everything from self advocacy, fashion and parliamentary representation to dating, technology and queer rights. “I’m so excited … and I just can’t hide it”.

3CR celebrates International Day of People with Disability with a day of broadcasting by and for people with disability - “I just can’t hide it” (4 - 6pm) will be part of a full 12 and a half hours programming from 6.00am to 6.30pm including talkback, music, current affairs and spoken word performance. Despite representing such a significant proportion of the community, it is evident by listening, watching or reading all forms of Australian media on any day of the year that people with disabilities are consistently under-represented and misrepresented.

"I just can't hide it" is financially supported by the Henry Stein Fund, a subfund of the Melbourne Community Foundation and by the Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust.

(Photo: "I just can't hide it" participant, Beth Barnard)