I Just Can't Hide It

Friday, 3 December 2010 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
I Just Can't Hide It

I Just Can't Hide It is a 3CR project featuring eight young women with a disability - first broadcast onInternational Day of People with Disability 3 December 2010. The women explore everything from self advocacy, fashion and parliamentary representation to dating, technology and queer rights.

"I just can't hide it"
 was financially supported by the Henry Stein Fund, a subfund of the Melbourne Community Foundation and by the Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust.  

Selene Mathews

As part of our special 'I just can't hide it!' feature, young songwriter and pagan Selene Mathews shares her experience of life, religion and music, reminding us of the importance that dreams hold for all of us as a motivating and inspiring force. http://www.electronictribes.net/selene.html

Listen to Selene (10.2MB/11:08min)

Carly Findlay 

Dating, body image, disability and sex – award-winning writer Carly Findlay explores all these in under 12 minutes and has a lot of fun along the way. 3CR producer Clare Burns does guarantee you will become a fan of Carly's. However, she can't guarantee you will score a date from the listening experience! - but you will be informed and entertained.

Listen to Carly (11.6MB/12:40min)

Tully Zygier

Meet Tully Zygier, coordinator of the peer support mentoring program at Yooralla. Join Tully as she speaks to participants about their experience of the mentoring program and explores the importance of peer to peer mentoring. http://tullyzygier.wordpress.com/

Listen to Tully (12.9MB/14:00min)

Naja McFadden

Naja McFadden loves loud music, loud movies and her loud girlfriend. She works in a music store and has a degenerative (it gets worse as she get older) bilateral (that's both ears) sensorineural hearing loss. She spoke to 3CR about the importance of punk music, friends and becoming a filmmaker one day.

Listen to Naja (12.9MB/14:05min)

Kelly Vincent

“Advocate Since Birth”
Kelly Vincent has been a writer and performer with Adelaide's No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability since 2004. In March 2010 Kelly was elected to South Australia's parliament for the Dignity4Disability party. Kelly spoke to 3CR about becoming an activist for the rights of people with disability.

Listen to Kelly (12.6MB/13:44min) 

(Photo courtesy SA Advertiser)

Beth Barnard

Meet Beth Barnard: student; singer; writer and passionate advocate for people with a disability. Beth is an active member of Club Wild, a community arts organisation run by, and for, people with a disability. She tells us about some of the challenges she faces in living her busy life.

Listen to Beth (5.9MB/6:24min) 

Angie Jones

Turning Points is is an autobiographical piece of writing from Angie Jones that explodes the myth that young women with a disability are childlike, asexual beings. Join us as we take you on a journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Listen to Angie (9.2MB/10:02min)

Heather Forsyth and Jessica Paraga

"Wild Thing"
Valid is a Melbourne based organisation devoted to self advocacy, mainly for people with intellectual disability. 3CR spoke to Jessica Parraga, a young Columbian-Australian woman and to Heather Forsyth, Valid project worker, about achieving your dreams - however wild they may be...

Listen to Heather and Jessica (10.7MB/11:42min)


3CR encourages community radio stations to rebroadcast this material and requests that full acknowledgement of 3CR be attributed to any broadcast. 3CR retains copyright of this material. For more information contact theSpecial Projects Coordinator Juliet Fox. 


3CR presenter Jane Rosengrave
3CR’s Disability Day Broadcast presented and produced by people with disabilities and chronic illness.



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