May Day 2018

'Stop workers pay decay' sticker.

This year we brought you perspectives from women, LGBTQIA+, Earth workers, indigenous and community activists about all things work and solidarity and resistance.

7:00am:   Tuesday Breakfast: Kicked off May Day by serving up solidarity and resistance with discussions about women's places within worker's struggles, the impact of changing labour markets on women, the relationship between Marxism and feminism, and intersections of class and other inequalities with feminism.  Hosted by Ayan and Saranya.  Listen here.

8:30am:  Accent Of Women: perspectives of women workers from the Philippines and Korea. Presented by Jiselle Hanna.  Listen here.

9:00am:   Queer May Day Special focusing on Trans and gender diverse workplace rights Featuring Connor Borchard-Burns.  Live cross to Canberra with Alex White (Union ACT) as the city prepared for a day of action.  Listen here.

Hosted by James McKenzie (In Ya Face, Fridays on 3CR from 4pm)

9:30am:  Dirt Radio: Phil Evans on sustainable work with Earth Worker Cooperative's Dave Kerin.  Listen here.

10:00am: Helen Razer spoke with Lauren Bull on the relationship between Marxism and Feminism, gender equality and identity and politics.  Listen here.

10:20am: Stick together bought us a special report on the recent mass delegates meeting in Melbourne and the 12 days of Action campaign to #ChangeTheRules.  Listen here.

11:00am:  Indigenous actions and workers rights.  Hosted by Kerri-Lee Harding (Blaknoise Radio, Thursdays on 3CR from 2pm)  Listen here.

12:00pm:  Music Sans Frontieres will feature Rosa Voto Ustrale from "Melbourne School of Tarantella" coming in with workers tunes. 

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Tuesday 9:00am to 9:30am
Each year on May 1, International Workers Day, communities from around the world join in to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and to show solidarity with the continued struggle for labour rights everywhere.



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