Murundaka Housing Co-operative

Sunday, 5 November 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Co-housing for sustainability

Sarah Swierzy and Collette Couper are members of the Murundaka Cohousing Community which is based in Heidelberg Heights in Melbourne. Murundaka (which is a local Wurundjeri word meaning 'a place to stay or live') is an all-rental, values-based co-operative-living community. 

First established in 1986, it was once made up of eleven free-standing houses but there are now 18 custom-built apartments and 2 free standing houses. The apartments are built on two residental blocks of land which sustains many fruit trees and veggie plots (both individual and communal) all fed by an on-site compost system and a worm farm.

The residents of Murundaka are members of the Earth Common Equity Rental Cooperative and the Common Equity Housing program, both of which are part of the cohousing movement in Victoria and nationally through the Sustainable Living Foundation, addressing not only the problems of environmental urgency, but the huge shortage of housing and unaffordable rents.