And This One's Introduced By... Cam Butler introduces the songs from his compilation album Strings Music

Wednesday, 1 November 2023 - 11:00pm to Thursday, 2 November 2023 - 12:30am
Cam Butler on And This One's Introduced By... with Dr Gonzo on 3CR

Cam Butler is a Melbourne composer, guitarist and producer who has been a long-time creative force on the Australian live and recording scene. He has released ten solo instrumental albums which vary in style from guitar and synthetic soundscapes, to works with string ensembles both large and small. His orchestral compositional approach combines electric guitar with modern classical string sections to create a warm, atmospheric sound that ranges from thrilling drama to wistful sadness. Butler's unique musical vision is evocative, often being described as 'cinematic'. Greatly inspired by the environs and landscapes of Southern Australia, Butler views himself as an artist working from an Australian perspective, creating his own, singular version of contemporary, classical music.

Nominated for this year’s Australian Music Price, Strings Music is a retrospective album for which Cam Butler has selected eight of his most compelling compositions. These compositions have been taken from previous albums released between 2003 and 2012, and have been given a new life, with re-recordings, revised arrangements and re-mastering. Cam has composed one new piece, 'All Our Lives', especially for this album.

Cam Butler joins Dr Gonzo to present the album Strings Music by Cam Butler on And This Ones’s Introduced By…

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