Issues affecting Pacific nations | War Powers Reform: Nord pipelines sabotage, Iraq war anniversary & AUKUS | The tragedy of Palestine | Greening the Desert in SA

Tuesday, 7 March 2023 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

 His Week That Was Kevin Healy

 Issues affecting Pacific nations – Journalist and researcher Nic MacLellan

 Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has exposed many criminal and human rights abuses, the latest being the sabotage of the Nord pipelines. Why haven’t we heard about this? Also, 20 year anniversary of the illegal Iraq War, what’s happening with AUKUS and the War Powers Reform debate – Speaking with Dr Alison Broinowski, author, academic, President of Australians for War Powers Reform, and former Australian foreign diplomat

 The tragedy of Palestine: the west watches and does nothing  Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees

One year since the devastating floods in northern NSW. Permaculturalist Wayne Wadsworth left soon after for a new challenge: Greening The Desert at Iron Knob in SA.