Elbit forced out of RMIT | Australian Mass Media-Jewish Press alliance | Chinese and Australia Universities | Targeting of Gaza medical facilities | Condemning our government: still no calls for ceasefire!

Tuesday, 14 November 2023 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

 His Week That Was – Kevin Healy

 Israeli arms manufacturer forced out of RMIT university – Senior lecturer at the university Dr Binoy Kampmark & BDS activist Michael Shaik

 Associate Professor Jake Lynch from Sydney University and the unholy alliance between Australia mass media and the Australian Jewish press

 Professor Jocelyn Chey talking about her recent visit to China and links with Chinese and Australian universities

 Dr Sue Wareham, President of the Medical Association For the Prevention Of War, and the targeting of medical facilities in Gaza and the failing of the Australian government to speak out for a ceasefire

 Bevan Ramsden from the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network also condemning the Australian government for its inaction on a ceasefire resolution

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