Park Hotel Carlton: death trap prison, Palestine book reviews Pt. 1: Dateline Jerusalem, life and deeds of Colin Powell, recent history of Mexico Pt. 2 & "terrorist" label for Palestinian civil society and human rights advocates.

Tuesday, 9 November 2021 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

His week that was – Kevin Healy

 The Park Hotel in Carlton, named by asylum seeker-activists as the death trap prison, with retired solicitor Max Costello (Refugee Action Collective).

 First in a series of book reviews focusing on Palestine and Palestinians. Jessica Morrison from Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN). Her review of Dateline Jerusalem by John Lyons.

 The life and deeds of Colin Powell. Why millions around the world will not be celebrating his life. RMIT lecturer Binoy Kampmark explains why.

 Part two of the recent history of Mexico, with student, activist and broadcaster Sasha Gillies Lekakis.

 Labelling of Palestinian civil society and human rights activists as terrorists, with Rawan Arraf from the Australian Centre for International Justice.