Nuclear ban treaty and Asia-Pacific prospects, European court decision affecting occupied Western Sahara, AUKUS and the broader AU-US alliance & the Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus

Tuesday, 5 October 2021 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

His Week That Was - Kevin Healy

AUKUS, and Imagining the Possible: Asia-Pacific Prospects for the Nuclear Ban Treaty - Professor Richard Tanter (Nautilus Institute & University of Melbourne)

Important European court decision affecting occupied Western Sahara - Kamal Fadel (Polisario Front Representative in Australia and NZ)

AUKUS and the broader AU US alliance- Bevan Ramsden (IPAN)

AUKUS and the implications for Australia - Jacob Grech (A Friday Rave - 3CR)

Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus - Thursday 7th October, 7-8.30pm

a FREE webinar panel discussion hosted by Renegade Activists on what AUKUS alliance between Australian, the UK and the US means for Australia. Speakers include: 

  • Scott Ludlam
  • Guy Rundle
  • Felicity Ruby
  • Talei Mangioni
  • Dimity Hawkins
  • Clinton Fernandes
  • Jacob Grech
  • Dave Sweeney

Register for the free online event HERE.