Medical treatment for Tamil 3 year old Thanicaa, Moreland City Council and Palestine, recent history of Colombia Pt. 2, Julian Assange meeting at National Press Club NY, COVID situation in Malaysia, killer drone whistleblower Daniel Hale - 10 years jail

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

His week that was - Mr Kevin Healy

Breakthrough with investigation into medical treatment for Tamil 3 year old Thanicaa - Max Costello

Moreland City Council meeting debating Palestine and Israel - Sue Bolton

Part 2 of recent history of Colombia - Sasha Gillies-Lekakis

Meeting at National Press Club in New York at end of Julian Assange support tour - speaker Dr Cornell West

Continuing serious COVID situation in Malaysia - Lee Tan

Whistle blower Daniel Hale facing 10 years in jail in US over killer drones - Kathy Kelly