The Significance of Green Left Weekly || The Role of Women in the Chile Uprising || On-going Revolt in Hong Kong

Friday, 22 November 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 22 November 2019

hosted by Meghan and Jacob 
7:00am acknowledgement of country.
7:02am headline news, a discussion about the extreme weather events hitting the country alongside the inadequate response of our government.
7:07am a discussion about the scandal surrounding the recent revelations around Westpac 
7:15am a interview with Susan Price the editor of Green Left Weekly about the supporter campaign Green Left is running and the significance and importance of the publication in terms of putting forward radical left politics and actively promoting activism.
7:34am a discussion about the newly released UK Labour manifesto that is going be put forward to voters for the General Election in December. Jacob and Meghan discuss the significance of the proposals contained within the manifesto from nationalization of the energy sector, broadband to policies addressing inequality along with it's limitations being a program of a social democratic party.
7:45am a interview with Valentina Amigo   a Chilean woman in Melbourne who is part of the solidarity campaign to build awareness about the current up-rising in Chile she talks about the politics of the revolt and the feminist issues focusing on the role of woman underlying the uprising.
8:00am activist calendar
8:08am a interview with Lam (pseudonym to protect the identity) direct from Hong Kong to talk about the protest movement in Hong Kong going in detail about the five demands of the protesters, the organisation and lack thereof of the political movement and the level of police repression including use of tear gas.

8:26am Meghan closes the program by talking about the importance of Green Left Weekly and it's services to the social movements.

8:28am closing of program
Friday 7:00am to 8:30am
A weekly source of alternative information which aims to inspire action and organisation to put people and the environment first. Covering international political issues and struggles against the exploitation of the people and exposing the bias in mainstream media that preferences the power brokers and denies access to information.


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