Amazon Rainforests in Brazil||Building Communities Not Prisons|| Australianama (The Book of Australia)

Friday, 30 August 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 30 August 2019

with Jacob Andrewartha, Meghan Street & Felix Dance

7:00am acknowledgement of country, introduction to the show.

7:03am current situation on the Djab Wurrung tent embassy and why it's important to mobilize for the camp.
7:07am a update on the Tamil asylum seeker family facing deportation by the government which was interrupted by a last-minute injunction with the court hearing happening at 10am today with a vigil for Priya and her family happening at 9:30 am flagstaff gardens 
7:15am interview with Riccelli a member of the Brazilian community in Melbourne about the Amazon rainforest fires and how we can demonstrate solidarity and build resistance.
7:30am a discussion about the current situation in the British parliament and it's implications for Brexit.
7:42am a recording of a talk by Karen Fletcher speaking at a public forum on August 20th organised by Green Left Weekly on "Building Communities: Not Prisons"

8:06am activist calendar

8:12am a interview with Samia Khatun whose launching her new book Australianama (The Book of Australia) which composes a history of muslims in Australia through Sufi poetry and contains Urdu travel tales, Persian dream texts and arabic concepts leading readers through the rich worlds of non-white people that is missing from historical records.
8:26am closing of program, more activist calendar announcements and summary of the program. 
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