West Papua Solidarity | Protests in Hong Kong| Anti-Adani Protest Camp

Friday, 23 August 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 23 August 2019

7am intro and acknowledgement of country
703am news:

- Successful local Extinction Rebellion action in Moreland

Djab Wurrung protest camp swells in numbers ahead of planned eviction by cops
719am Jacob and Zane speak with West Papuan activist O'Neal about the upcoming solidarity protest at the Indonesian consulate in Melbourne. 42 West Papuan students studying in Surabaya were attacked by a racist gang and then arrested a week ago on trumped up charges of defacing an Indonesian flag. Solidarity protests defending the students have swept West Papua and have been met with state repression and communication with the territory has been cut.

737am news: Massive fires ravage the amazon as fascist president "captain Chainsaw" Jair Bolsonaro peddles conspiracy theories about enviro NGOs causing the fires
745am Jacob and Zane speak with expat Hong Kong resident and activist Eric about the three month long (and ongoing) wave of protests that have rocked the island. Eric refutes some of the arguments made by those in the 'pro China camp' such as the protests being organised by the CIA or that protestors have nothing to fear from the proposed extradition bill. Eric says the protests are ultimately about trying to make China honour its promise first made in 1984 that Hong Kong would have universal suffrage and free elections once handed back to China by Britain.
804am activist calendar
808am News- Bernie Sanders announces $16.3 trillion green new deal policy as part of presidential primary campaign
816am Update from 3CR Earth Matters correspondent Bec Horridge from the Adani protest camp in Queensland
824am Music: "From Little things Big things go" By Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, in celebration of the successful Wave Hill walkoff by the Gurindji people.
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