The Current Situation in Kashmir | Extinction Rebellion Moreland

Friday, 16 August 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 16 August 2019

with Jacob Andrewartha & Meghan Street

7:00am acknowledgement of country, introduction to the show.

7:03am current situation on the Djab Wurrung tent embassy focusing on the recent arrest of Zellanach  and how it's likely to be politically motivated.
7:07am a discussion of Green Left Weekly article one rule for some, jail for the rest
7:15am interview with Asha a kashmiri woman about the current situation in Kashmir in light of the recent revoking of Article 370 which strips away any rights to independence for Kashmir.

7:34am Jacob reviews two films from the Melbourne International Film Festival Bacurau and the Nightingale which are both films that deal with themes of oppression and the importance of active resistance against oppressors.

7:45am interview with Reem from XR Moreland about the upcoming ride-in to die in this Saturday
7:56am a plug for Green Left Weekly's supporter campaign which is offering a free month for new supporters until Sunday 

8:00am activist calendar
8:22am update on the Hong Kong situation including the upcoming protest and Why school strikers are demanding a just transition  and the establishment of a climate union working group at Victorian Trades Hall.
8:28am closing of program. 
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