The Blockade of IMARC || The Rise of the Far-Right and Media

Friday, 9 August 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 09 August 2019

Hosted by Jacob and Zane

7am Intro and acknowledgement of country

702am News: 

                 - ICE deportations: Jimmy Aldaoud, a man suffering from diabetes living with schizophrenia who  grew up in the USA, spoke no arabic, and had never been there, is deported to Iraq and later dies after going without his diabetes medication

                 - Hong Kong protests continue to grow with millions participating in general strikes, as the Chinese government weighs the option of directly intervening.

                  - Djab Wurrung heritage protection embassy given eviction order by Victorian government

                - DSA Convention 2019—Overcoming Divisions—Votes to Maintain Strong National Organization, Takes up Ambitious Organizing Agenda
731am News:

                 - Phillipine president Rodrigo Duterte vetoes 'ENDO Bill' designed to end contractualisation in the Philippines. The country has a very high rate of contractualisation and insecure work and low union density. 

- BDS movement targets computer and IT giant Hewlett Packard with protests at JB hi-fi outlets in solidarity with Palestine.
- Historic bill to decriminalise abortion passes NSW lower house

745am Interview with Maz Heart, one of the organisers of the upcoming blockade of the IMARC mining and resources convention happening in October. An S11 style blockade of the event is planned along with a counter conference looking at solidarity with indigenous activists resisting mining projects across the globe, and the need to transition workers away from these destructive industries.

8am activist calendar 

804am music "Alphi" by Punua Nen
810am Interview with Tom Tanuki from the group "Yelling At Racist Dogs (YARD)" a speak at tomorrow's anti fascist day conferennce "fight the right" at Victoria Trades Hall about the rise of the far-right and the question of media and radicalisation of young men into far-right ideas.
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