DP World MUA Dispute ||| Resisting Logging in Kingslake || 19th Annual Green Left Weekly Comedy Debate

Friday, 26 July 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 26 July 2019

Hosted by Jacob and Zane

7am intro and acknowledgement of country

703am news:
Djab Wurrung Heritage protection Embassy protest camp needs support to avoid eviction as Federal approval given to bulldoze sacred Aboriginal land. Strong community support for the protest camp in 

-Mass protests following leaking of documents bring down a Puerto Rican governor

715 am Jacob and Zane speak with Shane Stevens, Victorian Secretary of the Maritime Union Australia, about the current EBA negotiation with DP world, which has seen strikes and work bans.
730am News: 

- Boris Johnson elected leader of the Tory party in Britain

- French journalists arrested at Adani protests at Abbott point coal terminal with draconian bail conditions imposed. Charges against the journalists have since been dropped however two protestors have been banned from entering the entire town of Bowen as part of their bail conditions..

745am Jacob and Zane interview Sue McKinnon, a community campaigner with Kinglake Friends of the forest, who are fighting to stop resilient century old forests being cut down by Vic forests to be exported to reflex and turned into paper. 85% of non plantation logging in Victoria is for paper production.

8am activist calendar

809am News: Robodebt lacks legal foundation according to former AAT chief and Law professor Terry Carney
812am Jacob and Zane speak with comedian Sean Bedlam who is performing at tonight's Green Left Weekly comedy debate

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