Interviews with S. Arutchelvan - the spokes person for PSM- a critical view of post elections and promises in Malaysia; Andy Hacking from Alcoa with the AWU re their strike

Friday, 14 September 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7am Intro and acknowledgement of country

7:02 am News:

The inquiry into banks and the details of what bank staff can and cannot do with our accounts and their liberal rights when it comes to giving loans and corruption that accompanies the large amount of power they wield in relation to managing our accounts.

Employers and their desire to deregister unions especially the CFMMEU

2GB and their misinformation – fined 3.2 million deliberate misleading news;

Morrison and his criticism of John Setka from the CFMMEU showing children in support of the unions

Harper Nielsen – the objector to standing up for the national anthem; the hysteria around this action by a very smart and critical 9 year old

The storm that is about to happen in Puerto Rico and the expected disaster

Adani and the mining in the aquafers; Arresting of coal protestors

Palestine and current issues

7.20 am Interview with S. Arutchelvan from Parti Socials Malaysia re the promises made during elections by the current government of Malaysia the Pakatan Harapan. (Coalition of Hope)

More news:-

The militarisation of the police in Victoria

Stop Adani protest stopped by the police in favour of the Nigel Farage meeting

8.00am: Calendar – events coming up

8.10 am: Interview : Andy Hacking from the AWU in WA re the Alcoa workers on strike


8.28 Close

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