Interviews with Peter Koenig - Venezuela party 2; Sabella Kngwarraye Turner from the Strong Grandmothers ;

Friday, 3 August 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7:02 am acknowledgement of country 

7:04 am headline news, discussion of the racist dogwhistling by our government and the likes of Andrew Bolt drawing on a article in Green Left Weekly that analyses the politics of the situation and how the richest 20-percent of households own 62 percent of all wealth in a new report.

7:15 am part two of a interview with Peter Koenig about the politics in Venezuela and the current developments from a economical perspective. 
7:30 am recent developments in the My Health record scandal 
7:55 am international news in Green Left Weekly the state of politics in the UK 
8:00 am activist calendar

8:10 am interview with Sabella Kngwarraye Turner from the Strong Grandmothers of the Central Desert Region and Meret MacDonald about their demands for a bail review of Aboriginal children held in custody and their on-going fight to shut down Don Dale.
8:18 am more news from Green Left Weekly examining the Timor Spy case and it's political implications. 

8:27 am closing of program.